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Brazen Fit 
Change For Life

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bra·zen    /brāzən/

1.  bold and without shame.



The foundation of you. You are not just what you eat, but what you eat and absorb.



Resistance training is a key component to improved health and body composition and a well functioning body.



The heart is a muscle too! Make sure it is up to the job.



You grow when you rest. Want less stress, better sleep, weight control, pain management?  A solid recovery plan is critical to achieving your goals



The map that tells you how to get where you want to go. You cant find new destinations without directions!
My Approach

Every client has a unique life and circumstances, so I take time to get to know you, your goals and exactly what you are ready to do to change your life before we develop your customized plan. Then we make sure the plan is working for you. A plan only works when you are consistently taking action. Otherwise it's just a fancy piece of paper.

About me

I am constantly learning.

Life is an adventure that requires continually upping your skills to make the most of it. I have overcome obesity 3 times, recovered my disordered eating and turned that into my strength. I founded Brazen Fit to teach and embolden others to level up their skills so that they can thrive. Click the link to read the whole story!

Client Testimonials

Working with Kris Wilkins through a series of corrective exercise sessions over a six week period has been a fantastic and highly productive experience.  Prior to working with Kris I was experiencing severe, acute shoulder/rotator cuff pain.  My body was broken and posture misaligned after years of instense crossfitting.  My shoulders were impinged and was also experiencing low back pain.  These issues were a source of chronic pain which over time became part of daily life. 

Once I started working with Kris, these issues were targeted and very quickly my body started to repair and realign itself.  Every routine Kris put me through directly targeted sources of pain.  In just a couple of months I'm moving with full mobility, a strong core, and a balanced posture.  A huge unintended consequence was the overall improvement in breathing as well.  I highly recommend working with Kris no matter your physical goals.  The improvement in quality of life has been priceless!

Jeff Brooks

Need help implementing an integrated approach to your Health and Fitness?

Reach out if you have questions. We're listening and we know how to help!

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