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About Me

I was overweight by the time I was 8, despite playing outside all day and playing soccer several times a week. I steadily gained weight throughout my teens and when I got to freshman year I was 50 lbs overweight. I was so active, it just didn't make any sense to me why I was overweight.

What was really going on? How could I be overweight and so active?? Well, half the time I ate great-lots of veggies and homemade food when I was at home with my mom.  But the other half of the time when I was with my dad it was highly processed or fast food at all meals. See, half of my family was morbidly obese and the other half was not. I was living in 2 different worlds, with different sets of rules. 

My love of exercise and sports began here in this place of trying to control my body, and with it my disordered eating and frustration at what I saw as my body betraying me.  Why didn't it look and work the way I thought it should??!!?  I worked so hard! 

Once I had my daughter I developed chronic hip pain and thought my fitness journey was over. Having finally achieved stability in my weight, eating habits and exercise routine, only to be faced with something else I felt I couldn't control, all while trying to learn to be a mom, felt like a tremendous set back.

 I tried many physical therapists and specialists and they had nothing to offer but drugs. I was unwilling to accept that at 30 I was never going to run again or play with my daughter. So I sought out as much education as I could find on chronic pain, Self-Myofascial Release and healthy movement and worked myself back to health.

I gained and lost that 50 lbs 2 times, not including pregnancy. I broke multiple bones (including my back) trying to outrun and outperform what I was eating. I tried every diet in the book, every sport and activity, desperately hoping that one of them would be the magic secret to achieving the body I had always wanted. I got close a couple of times, real close.....but it never worked for long. I broke myself over and over. All in the effort to be healthy and fit.

But this amazing thing happened on this journey - I learned all about what doesn't work. When I finally started to fix my relationship with food, my weight stabilized and stayed put for 10 years. I learned how to lift weights 100 different ways from bodybuilding, group exercise classes, Martial Arts, Olympic lifting and functional fitness and tried every type of cardio I could find. I trained for triathlons, long distance hikes, mountain bike races, TKD demonstrations and tournaments, Crossfit competitions, Spartan races as my body started to reflect the work I was putting in.

I learned everything I could about anatomy and physiology because with all this hard work my body was letting me know when I was pushing too hard, so I learned how to fix myself and then how to keep from injuring myself again.  I also learned how to slow down and recover when my body said it needed it.

Overcoming my own struggles has developed into a full time passion for helping people unravel the complex, unique puzzle that we all are. The 5 Components of fitness are a methodology for applying all that I have learned to get to where I am today, that will help you take a shortcut to results.


We all want to change something, but how do you start?

With a proven system and a coach! 

Certifications and Experience
    • ACE gives a solid scientific framework for exercise programming that provides the foundation of all​ progressive exercise programs.
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist​​​​
  • Lv. 2 Precision Nutrition Master Health Coach
    • Precision nutrition is the world leader in effective behavior change programming and ​nutrition coaching for sound science based information that is applicable too.
  • Lv. 2 Crossfit  Coach​
  • Group exercise teaching credentials
    • Certified Spin Instructor
    • Body Pump Instructor
    • 1st Dan, Tae Kwon Do
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Kris Wilkins, Brazen Fit 4 Life,
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