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My Approach

You want change? Set a goal, right?

 Sort of....Goals aren’t achieved through the mere act of setting good ones. And anyone who has set a New Year's resolution knows goals aren’t achieved through sheer force of will either.


Goals are great because they teach us about what we want to accomplish. Part of building the map to the best you involves knowing where you are going. Now that we know the destination (look like Arnold! Lose 50lbs!) Then we are told to, "Make it specific, measurable, attainable, blah, blah, blah".

Ok! Great! But what happens once we’ve done that?

When we’ve set the ultimate goal?

For most people, not much. This is where we all get stuck (fitness professionals too!)

So if it’s not making the ultimate plan, and it’s not white-knuckled willpower, what is it?


Goal achievement only happens—reliably—when you do three things. 

  1. First, you break down the thing you want to do (your goal) into specific aptitudes (skills).

  2. Second, you build those aptitudes (skills) through strategic daily actions (practices).

  3. Rinse and repeat until you get a consistent set of habit/ practices that take you towards your goal


It's also how you've learned almost everything you know up to now.  From walking to driving to playing the cello, practice makes progress!

The formula pretty much looks like this: 

  • Practice daily to build skills.

  • Build skills to achieve goals. 


Do this well and you can accomplish your goals more quickly (with less effort) and maintain your results

So no matter what your goal, or how big or small it is, we will find out what the specific PRACTICES you need to implement to get to your destination.

Many coaches and clients start the coaching relationship assuming that the coach has all the answers, and if you just follow their plan you will become just like them. Here's the problem though...You aren't them. You are you. Which means you need unique solutions to your unique situations.

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